Private Billing Family Doctors Near You in Carseldine

Carseldine Family Clinic is a private billing GP clinic, offering complete care for your whole family. Please read below for our doctors’ fees.

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Payment is made at the time of consultation. For your convenience, we accept cash, EFTPOS and credit card. Your rebate will be electronically transferred from Medicare, directly back into your bank account. Please ask our staff for more information on this.

In some consultations, there may be additional fees for procedures such as ECGs, respiratory function tests, Implanon insertions or removals, vaccines and surgical procedures. Please ask our reception staff for the respective fees.

Fees and Billing

We are a private billing GP clinic. For clients 6 years and older, fees are payable at the time of consultation, while children 5 years and under are directly billed to Medicare where eligible.

Discounted rates are available for those in possession of a Pension or Commonwealth Healthcare Card. DVA Gold Card holders are direct billed to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

There may be additional costs for specific procedures performed, such as cryotherapy, ECG or minor surgery. Please ask our reception staff for the respective fees.

Medicare refunds

Private patients’ Medicare rebates can be refunded directly to a savings or cheque account, on the day of their consultation. Accounts can be paid with a credit card but the refund must be paid into a savings or cheque account.

Consult Prices


Monday Through Friday standard fees
Standard consult$85.00Rebate $41.20Gap $43.80
Long consult$150.00Rebate $79.70Gap $70.30
Extended consult$215.00Rebate $117.40Gap $92.60
Discount fees
Standard consult$75.00Rebate $41.20Gap $33.80
Long consult$135.00Rebate $79.70Gap $50.30
Extended consult$195.00Rebate $117.40Gap $72.60
After hours fees Early Morning Monday through Friday 7:00AM to 8:00AM and after 1:00 Saturdays
Standard consult$100.00Rebate $53.65Gap $46.35
Long consult$170.00Rebate $92.00Gap $78.00
Extended Consult$225.00Rebate $129.00Gap $96.00
Saturday 8:00AM to 1:00PM No Bulk Billing including children
Standard consult$95.00Rebate $41.20Gap $53.80
Long consult$160.00Rebate $79.70Gap $80.30
Extended Consult$225.00Rebate $117.40Gap $102.60


Non-Attendance Policy

“Non-Attendance” without cancellation 2 hours prior of an appointment will result in a $50 fee if the patient wishes to re-attend the practice to see a doctor.

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We’re an accredited Yellow Fever vaccination centre. Call to book your appointment today on 07 3263 4500.